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overnight or early morning car drop



I have spent over 2 hours on hold with no answer.


Can I drop my car off at night or early in the morning for a 12:00 appointment for a remote car starter?


it is the east hanover NJ location, and I have not been able to get anone that can definitevely answer this for me.


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Re: overnight or early morning car drop

Unless you've spoken with someone ahead of time who is with management or a Geek Squad Autotech, with apologies, we do not have a way to check a vehicle in without the customer present.  If you've been able to arrange a time where your vehicle can be checked in, and you've signed off on the paperwork that agrees to the condition of the vehicle, then you're able to leave it with us and it will be locked up in the bay to be worked on whenever your appointment is scheduled. 

That said, I wouldn't recommend leaving the vehicle early morning or late at night because our Autotechs would still be unable to work on the vehicle without first obtaining the signature to release the vehicle to us. 

Most installation bays are going to be closed Sunday and Monday, and I apologize if this location is not open today. 

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