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Re: need my cd player


Glad to have been of service. I enjoyed your reply as well, expecially the double (or was it triple?) pun on "hits."


Still haven't had a chance to look further into your proposed solution.


However, speaking of vinyl, kindly "splain to me how you young'uns are able to achieve a "warmer, more natural" sound from your new "vinyls" played on $100.00 "record players" (inclusive of all necessary related accessories) than we were able to achieve with our carefully-assembled stereo systems equipped with pre-amps,1,000 watt amp receivers, separate tuners, and really expensive belt-driven turntables separately equipped with hugely expensive add-on tone arms, mega-expensive cartridges and stylii played through really, really, really expensive "hi-fi" speakers. In our case, it just made all the skips, scratches, clicks and pops, etc. on our "records" more noticeable. Which is why many of us appreciated and preferred those new-fangled CDs when they first became available. Besides which none of us could detect a positive difference then, let alone now after our hearing has been completely destroyed from listening to our Led Zeppelin albums at full blast on our super stereo systems, day-after-day, in our concrete dorm rooms while completely stoned (although I am told that our best pot pales in comparison to today's specially-engineered "weed").



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Re: need my cd player

Will it play through the car's SPEAKERS though?  Or is it just playing through the portable CD unit itself?  not for me.. somehow my mother managed to buy a 2017 vehicle that has NO cd player and she's 74.. and NO she has no interest in converting cd's to mp3 or anything like that.  Kickin it.. well.. middle school.. lol.  

but having it play through car speakers will be critical.  It's a 2017 Hyundai Tucson if that helps.

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Re: need my cd player

Hello DawneliseWilson-


Thanks for hopping in on this ever growing thread, here on the Best Buy forums!  I appreciate all the time that you've spent looking for clarification on the products I've been recommending.  I'm happy to elaborate on this for you!


Any Bluetooth adapter that would plug into your portable CD player, should transmit the sound to the Bluetooth radio in the car, once properly paired.  This will effectively allow all the sound that is coming from the CD player to stream to your car speakers through your Bluetooth radio!  Don't have Bluetooth?  Don't sweat it, the same goal could be accomplished by purchasing an "auxillary cord."  This cord will allow you to stream your music, but the Best sound quality would be Bluetooth. 


The Bluetooth receivers will likely require someone who knows how to pair these devices with other units.  The aux cord is plug and play, but often times this port is missing on some of the new vehicles as well.  Hope this help you out, and please let me know if I can clarify anything else for you!



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