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i need a very basic push start ignition/alarm

All i want in my push start ignition/alarm is:
- easy to use keyless, proximity keypass with lock, unlock, and remote start buttons
- 2 way paging alert with atleast 100 yards of reach that beeps/vibrates when the alarm is being set off
- keyless remote start with a convenient proximity distance to start your car from
- proximity locking feature that locks/arms your car/alarm as leave your vehicle, and then also unlocks/disarms your vehicle as you approach
- lastly, i would prefer a credit card thin keypass that can either fit on your keychain or placed conveniently in your wallet where it can remain due to its proximity technology; you simply enter your automatically disarmed vehicle and just push the start button(while holding down the brake pedal)
- i can't recall the model or the brand name but it's one of their first and basic models; that is ALL i want and i hope it's available and affordable
- please let me know if u carry something like this or if you don't then i hope you can inform me where i can buy this and have it installed for $3-500
- and my locks are manual so i will require some modifications
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Re: i need a very basic push start ignition/alarm

My fav car alarm are the Compustar product...  signal range is the biggest reason.

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Re: i need a very basic push start ignition/alarm

pretty much alot of what you are wanting is going to be vehicle specific as far as features go.  if you are wanting a secure take over (ie:get in and start the car by pushing button and brake like normal) that is going to be up to the module and firmware that is available for your car.  I will message back in greater detail once you let me know what your vehicle year, make, and model is. 


As far as power door locks if they are manual, you would be looking at an advanced add-on sku, per door, which is $59.99.  the door lock actuator itself is $21.99, and a 451m which runs $9.99.  you will only need 1 451m per 2 doors. 

Since you have manual locks, im also assuming that your vehicle is a standard key ignition? if this is the case, i don't think best buy can assist you in creating a "push to start" system, without product being inspected first, and installer verified, per the location performing the work. 


Im worried about your price range also, many of the requirements that you have down, will require extra parts and labor, which can jump the prices up.  Once you respond with the vehicle i can give you more accurate prices, and a much closer quote to what the actual price might end up at.


Thanks for taking the time to write the community, i will be here all weekend, so if you need something else don't hesitate!   best of luck!

ps.  4 doors w/power door locks would run you

       Front left door            $59.99+$21.99+$9.99

       Front right door          $59.99+$21.99

       Back left door            $59.99+$21.99+$9.99

       Back right door          $59.99+$21.99

       TOTAL:                      $348 (rounded to the nearest 1 for quote price) (**add'l labor may be required depending on certain vehicles year, make, model, trim package**)