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cd player?

does it matter what watt the cd player is if i want to put dual 12 inch 900 watt subs in my car?
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Re: cd player?

It shouldn't, but if you want to maximize your subs output, then you may want to look for a head unit that claims its RCA subwoofer output level is adjustable. 


I also "assume" that you will be using the subwoofer output from the CD player to the subwooer amp, if not then yes the CD player's output could limit your sub's impact.


You sub amp will probably have some type of crossover and output level control that may also help.


On another note, it takes more than just bass to make music.  You should have a balanced system that sounds good and just doesn't boom.  Anyone can boom, but what you really want to do is to listen to music.  I'm sure that "most" artists did not write their music to be just a bunch of bass.  Also remember to protect your ears so that you can use them you are a lot older.

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