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car cd hook up with usb cord

I have a 2016 Mazda 3 that only has usb ports for use with an Mp3 player.  I have about 300 cd's at home that I would like to play in my car. Is there a cd player for the car that can connect through the usb port thus using the car speakers? 

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Re: car cd hook up with usb cord


    Buying these new vehicles is seriously putting a damper for the clients still using CD's in their everyday lives.  With that said, there are some adapters online that i cannot verify work, but they do exist to allow you to play anything through a usb with a 3.5mm adapter, and possibly others that allow you to directly plug in an external CD player.


With that said, i can only suggest that you burn your cd's to a media reciever or flash drives to take full advantage of your cars capabilities. I know this is less than ideal and causes a time strain on your day, and for that i apologize, but honestly this is the way that technology is going.  Best Buy is starting to carry more and more media players without CD slots in our selections, and the auxillary jack also on iphone 7's is making that technology disappear fast also.  Its hard to keep up with the times, and i know how many of my clients still enjoy CD's, but in this age i try to direct the clients to future proofing their technology, and in this instance i would recommend burning these to MP3's. 


Best of luck!

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