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Wiring Help 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I'm using a Scosche FAI-4 high to low converter in my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the navigation. I tapped into the speakers in the back drivers side quarter panel where they enter the factory installed amp. I have my gain, LP filter and bass boost all down all they way. Rca cables plugged in and have strong power from both positive and negative power sources. Now when I turn on my vehicle I have really loud bass at volume 1-5 and then when I turn it up louder the music sound goes up but the bass on the subs stay the same and won't increase. Anyone know what could be causing this?
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Re: Wiring Help 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee


      Thank you for taking the time to ask such a great question that i encounter on a regular basis.  The high low convertor, more commonly reffered to as a line output convertor, is used to create low level signal for your RCA's.  With that in mind, there are many other different possiblilites as to why your "bass" is not functioning the way that it should.  It sounds like you have completed the installation, and have strong power at your amplifier, but what guage wire are you using?


Everything from the guage of the wire to the installation itself, and all the connections that are inbetween, can effect the sound performance of your subwoofers that you are trying to install.  We do offer assistance in checking out previously installed equipment starting at $24.99 per 1/4 hour.  Our standard shop rate is $100 an hour, but most amp and subwoofer "checks" are between 30 min-1hour.  If fixable and alot the time, our installers can diagnose and repair the problem, but again, all parts and labor will depend on the situtaion. 


To schedule an appointment to have your vehicle looked at, please contact your local installation bay, or click the link below to schedule your appointment.


I appreciate you taking the time write with the community forums, and wish you the best of luck resolving this problem.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to let the community know how they can assist you further.  thank you for your time, and continued patience!

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