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Which amp better suites my 15 pyle sub.

Good morning I have just came across a brand new Pyle 15 from Walmart a 2000 watt speaker and was wondering which of the two apps that I have would be best or better suited for that sub Pioneer 760 bridgeable amp or a Alpine V power MRP m350 monoblock subwoofer amp. I know neither one is matched to its wattage butt is all I have at the time. And also whichever amp is the best one for it would that be enough to push it hard enough but not too hard
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Re: Which amp better suites my 15 pyle sub.

that subwoofer when i looked it up claims to be 1000w rms so your going to want to get as close to that as possible. neither of those amps are powerful enough for that speaker and both are going to underpower it by about 4-5 hundred watts. i would personally choose a mono amplifier over a 2 channel for strictly my own opinion.

my real recommendations would be to save up for an amp to hook up that is going to no underpower by that much so you dont make your system work harder than it has to putting a strain on not only the charging system but also your products life span.

either way yes those amps will make it work and power it on, but unfortunately will fall short of meeting what the manufacturing company planned on when making that subwoofer, but yes either will turn it on.
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