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If I purchased a used 2017 explorer and want to put a new touchscreen head unit and stereo in it will it void my warranty
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Re: Warrenty

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Having a bit of history with Ford myself, the new head unit will not void your entire manufacturer's warranty. However, if anything goes wrong with your vehicle, such as something electronic, and they can tie it back, in any way, to your aftermarket install, that specific repair will not be covered. If you only have the Powertrain warranty left on it, you should be good to go. That is for your engine, transmission, front-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive.


Regarding your interest on a new system install in your vehicle, I would recommend scheduling a free in-store reservation with one of our Autotechs to get an estimate on getting this work done. They'll be able to help you get an estimate for both the labor and any additional accessories that may be required to get this completed.
Please let us know if we can help with anything else!

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Re: Warrenty

I think your best avenue is to reach out to the holder of your warrently and ask them directly.


Chances are if you get instalation done by a legitimate installer, like Best Buy, that it will not void your warrenty. 


If you do it yourself then it would void the warrenty. 

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