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Want a way to monitor you children in the back seat? Check out this device!

It seems like everyone I know lately is having babies or already has small children.  They constantly talk about everything they have to do just to prepare for a car ride and how distracting it can be to monitor what their kids are doing in the back seat, even when in a child seat.


When I saw this come out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for 2016, I was floored.  It seems like such a simple thing, but it’s ingenious in my opinion and seems very much worth the cost.  Garmin has released an accessory to their popular line of GPS systems! 


I know what you’re thinking, “Bill, no one uses GPS anymore, and most times it’s built right into my car.” And I would say true, but if you don’t have GPS built in or you already have a Garmin GPS unit, you may now be able to pair it with their Garmin babyCam™ to monitor the little ones in the back seat at the push of a button.  Want to see them sleeping so innocently while they dream of world conquest?  Or maybe you need to make sure that they aren’t beating up on their younger siblings, this would be perfect for a lot of parents I know.   Just don’t let it distract you from safe driving!


This system may also help many parents who want to reverse their car seat too soon to be front facing because they cannot see their young one.  In addition, the camera also has night vision for taking a peep at the little ones during those late night drives returning from the grandparent’s house. 


Regrettably, Best Buy does not currently carry the Garmin babyCam™, but hopefully it’s something we’ll pick up soon and offer through  However, if you want more information, please feel free to check out the link above which also includes a list of compatible Garmin GPS systems!

Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Want a way to monitor you children in the back seat? Check out this device!

Wow that is awesome. 


I wish they would have had that when my kids were little.   I am certainly going to pass this on.


In defense of Garming GPS.  The Garmin GPS always works.  If you are in an area without data you can still navigate.  And in the northern parts of the state where I live your phone is often just a hunk of plastic.


However, I bet now Android will respond with a blue tooth camera that can hook into your phone.  But this is great.  No more mirrors.

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Re: Want a way to monitor you children in the back seat? Check out this device!

It actually works great doing cameras like the one that Bill mentioned!  working in the install bay, I have done this type of application before for a few of my customers.  Especially the customer that get an indash dvd player installed, the car installer can wire that up to the from 7" screen and you can see your bunches of joy right there without any additonal mirrors!   Cords are definately a little hard to route, but not impossible, and they will still need power and ground wired in.  So keep a few mounting locations in mind for our installers, just in case one spot is not able to work because of clearance or wire run issues. 


It always made me laugh at first about the thought of this concept, but now having a 2 year old daughter i couldn't imagine the contraption of mirrors that i would need to see her, and the distractions that they could cause.  Now i can easily just switch the sources on my aftermarket dvd (or garmin gps 5"-6" screens) and see her on the 7" indash dvd (in my instance).


What a great write up, and should you ever have any questions about if this is possible, or mounting locations, please never hesitate to set up an appointment to speak with an installer!   

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