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Viper - DS4+ Remote Start System

I have a 2011 ford F150 - 4 door without navigation and without sony system.


My question is this: If my original key fob is broken ( the unlock & lock options no longer work) but they key works to unlock manually and drive,  is this going to be a problem at installation for programming needs? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Viper - DS4+ Remote Start System

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Good morning MichelleSernaGarcia-


Thanks for stopping by the Best Buy forums to ask a question that I know many are asking themselves also.  I appreciate the opportunity to share with you my insight! 


When you purchase a DS4+ Remote Start System there is a single button remote that will come in the box.  The cool part about this remote is that it's fully programmable to allow you to have a feature setup, for example: 1 press lock, 2 press unlock, and press and hold for start, but this isn't to say you need that certain setup.  I hope you feel empowered to work with a Geek Squad Autotech at the time of your installation to allow you to have the best programming options that work perfect for you!


To be honest, except for the vehicle I'm currently driving, the factory remote was the first thing to go back into the box after I was done installing a remote starter in them because the ranges just couldn't match the new aftermarket remote.  Being able to upgrade remotes is another huge feature, and of course, if you wish to have the ultimate range look into the Viper Smart Start add-on (*subscription rates apply).  


I'm hoping I've been able to provide you with some more knowledge surrounding this remote start system, and if you're feeling like you're all set to go, please click here to schedule your appointment today!  





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