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Viper 4806v issues with 16 Tacoma Ltd.

Are there any known issues with the Viper 4806 installed into a 2016 Tacoma Limited?  I am exceptionally concerned as this is a brand new vehicle. Should this be a simple plug-and-play installation retaining all original OEM functionality?

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Re: Viper 4806v issues with 16 Tacoma Ltd.

Any of our remote starts will come with a bypass module for your vehcile that gets flashed with firmware that is designed to do everything the factory options allow you to do from your remote right now.  Quite honestly there are reasons why there is professional installation required and is packaged out to make sure this is carried out.  They aren't hard by any means, but if you were to leave it up to an amateur you could definately be regretting that choice.


We offer a lifetime labor warranty on all of our workmanship.  Viper and compustar both offer limited lifetime warranties, and with a remote start, should it ever act up, once removed it is back to the OEM specs that your vehicle came with.  Rest at ease knowing that all of our Autotechs are MECP Certified, and we hold the most "master" certified techs in the whole nation! 


If your vehicle is a push to start, then there are factory options that we can turn on with a bypass module that would not only help you save some $$ but also allow you the peace of mind knowing that all we are doing is using your factory options to tell them to turn on.  This option would allow your factory keyfob to press 3x on the lock button to start, but this would need  to be a push to start ignition and not a standard key for this option. 


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