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Vehicle Door Speaker - Recommendation

I drive a 2005 Ford Five Hundred SEL, and I currently run dual 12" Kicker CompR subwoofers in the trunk. My factory in-door speakers are getting old, and I am interested in finding new ones to install. My question is would it be better to go with Kicker speakers for the doors, too, (and if so, exactly what model) or some other speakers? I am looking for the best setup for in-door speakers, while on a budget.


I am not completely familiar with which speakers out there are best, just can tell from listening over and over that it's time to upgrade from my old factory ones. 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Vehicle Door Speaker - Recommendation

Welcome to the Best Buy forums BassFreak-


This is a fantastic question and one that I was asked many times when I was working in the store.  I’m hoping to provide you with the information that you’re looking for and I appreciate the opportunity to help out!


To start your speaker size is going to be a 6x8, but please know that some companies, like Alpine state 5x7 speakers.  Both of these speaker sizes are the same and very common with Ford vehicles.  The only speakers that differ would be the back deck speakers, which could be 6x9’s that act like factory subwoofers.  These often times would blow first and the customer would think that their subwoofers were going out, but thankfully it was almost always the speakers on the top back deck. 


With that said, you do not have to match brands of speakers with the same brand of subwoofers, but if you’re a die-hard Kicker fan, then I’d recommend Kicker.  We often have many sales going on, but the deals really come in when you have us do the installation for 4 speakers.  There should be some promotional offer that has you spend a certain amount, with Geek Squad installation, and a big savings should take place. 


To better understand our everyday offer, I’d recommend visiting or calling your local Best Buy to speak with a connected car specialist, or Autotech, to get the assistance you’re looking for.  Please let me know if I can elaborate on anything else and it would be my pleasure to do so!



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