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I had best buy do the install a few days ago and brought it back and they still cant figure it out.


when i arm or disarm the alarm with the factory remote the door locks work fine.

when i remote start the truck and lock or unlock with the viper remote the door locks work fine too.


my problem is when i unlock or lock the truck with the viper remotes or the phone app the unlock part will pulse the door locks and lights 2x times MORE then it should


where as the factory remote unlocks it one time, 2 beeps, 2 flashes.. locking its 1 beep 1 flash.


with the viper remote it unlocks the door 2 times, 4beeps 4 flashes.. it locks it 2 times 2 flashes


any idea? the tec said he will call viper and thinks its on their side as the can bus works fine in the truck with the factory remote and when the truck is running, he thinks the viper unit is pulsing the can wire and the doors both



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Good afternoon J5SENSE-


It certainly seems like a feature that is being offered by the remote start, which may be required because of the vehicle you're driving.  Having done a bit of research, I'm crossing my fingers I'm able to shine some light on the programming options that are required for your vehicle specific. 


There is a single wire that is controlling your door locks, which is being completed via data.  There is a setting called "safe-lock" and double-pulse unlock that is required for that vehicle to make sure the vehicle's doors are locked after shut down.  When you press unlock the second pulse is why you're seeing the extra flashes and locks pulse 2x.  This is a setting for the vehicle specific and I'm not entirely sure this would be able to be fixed because of the firmware that is available.  Knowing this is likely just your vehicle and the programming options that exist to make your locks work as they should, without errors taking place.  


I'd recommend returning to your local Best Buy to speak with your Geek Squad Autotech to see if they've had a chance to receive a reply from the manufacturing company.  You're also welcome to call Directed Electronics over the phone to see if they have any remedies that exist to the programming options that they tell the installers to program to make sure your vehicle works as it should, but know that I cannot promise a different outcome will take place when you call.  I hope this helps out a little, and please work with the manufacturing company to see if they have any other options that could help!



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