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Surround Sound

I recently purchased a sony surround sound system, the DAV-HDX275 and hooked it up.  The Tech at the store said I should hook it up with a HDMI cable.  I cannot firgure out how to get the surround sound to work with just the TV.  It works with the tuner and the DVD, but not with the TV.  What am I doing wrong.  Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Surround Sound

I am behind the 8 ball on this also ...But getting updated fast lol... HDMI cable is just for the video it has nothing to do with sound


I was told to do this

From cable box to the TV HDMI cable

From cable box sound to your tuner now if you have extra jack on the cable box you can run a set to the TV this would bypass the tuner if you do not want surround sound

DVD Player to TV  HDMI cable

DVD Player to Tuner cable jacks

PS3 to TV HDMI  if you have one

PS3 cable jacks to the tuner or TV


I hope this helps




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Re: Surround Sound

To make that easier, you are only sending video and sound OUT of your system, not sending any sound too it.


You need to use an optical cable to send sound FROM your cable box, IN TO your HDX275