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Surrond sound help

About six months ago I had purchased a toshibia regza 1080p lcd tv. I have a denon receiver and just purchased the klipsch speakers that were on sale this weekend. My question is I can not get any of it to play in dolby 5.1. I am running

cable box -- HDMI

x-box 360 -- HDMI

dvd player -- HDMI

all into the the HDMI ports on the tv. Then an optical cable to the reciever. I have the settings on the tv to auto. The display bar when switching inputs always says PCM. If I try to put the reciever onto Dolby 5.1 it will not bring it up. It will bring up the Dolby Plx II. I have read the owner manuals to both the tv and reciever and as far as I can tell I have everything set up correct. Would like to figure this out before having to call someone to come in and fix it. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Surrond sound help

Your TV may not pass 5.1


try running optical cables directly to the reciever.