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I want to buy a new radio for my car and get subwoovers installed as well. do i have to get an amp to power the subwoover?
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Re: Subwoovers

Yes, you need to get an amp for the subwoofers. If you go into your local Best Buy and talk to one of the Car Audio associates they can show you great solutions and give your a quote on how much professional installation will cost as well.
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Re: Subwoovers

Definitly reccomend a professional install if you are at unsure of what you need/are doing.


You also need to purchase a special speaker cable for the wooFers.  There may be a few other parts required.. like the tray thing that holds the new radio, etc.





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Re: Subwoovers

for your subwoofer you will need RCA's running from the HU(Head-Unit) to the amplifier for the woofer, you will need speaker wire for the amp to the sub, and a remote turn on feed from the head unit to amp, and power wire & ground for the sub amp......


If you go into BestBuy they can do this all for you, its not terribly hard.....but if you don't have much of an idea about wiring up speakers and the ohm loads that match up to your speakers RMS.....its better to leave it alone and to the pros.


I worked for a car audio installer/seller, wiring up 1 or two speakers is one thing, but 20 in a out Smiley Happy - and get a fire never know when you might need it.....