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Subwoofer installation cost

I have a 2019 Camry XSE. I’m curious on how much it would be to install 2 10” subwoofers in the trunk. I would need the amp as well.
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Re: Subwoofer installation cost

The current installation price for an amp and subwoofer to a factory radio is currently $119.99.  This price includes the installers to run any bass knob (if applicable), and installing the line output convertor LOC.  The LOC installation is included but the part would still need to be purchased.  Depending on the RMS power of the 2 10" subwoofers would depend on the amp and amp kit required for installation. 

Head into your local Best Buy, or call, to speak and work with a Blue Shirt or Geek Squad Autotech!  They should be able to not only get you on your way with the proper amp and ampkit, but also schedule your appointment in the near future. 


Hope this helps you get the ball rolling in the right direction!