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Subwoofer clipping?

So I have a pioneer GM 5500T amp. The amp has peak power at 820 watts. I have a 12 inch kenwood road series subwoofer that has a peak of 1000 watts. It’s been running smooth for about a month now and all of a sudden the amp starting doing this thing where the power light turns off right when the bass hits of the volume is about like 30 (it goes to 62) the ohms is 4 when bridged and I use it that way because the sub is supposed to be on 4 ohms... so is my sub blown..? Is there an amp problem..? I’ve worked long and hard to get this set up working and was so happy that it was and all of a sudden I’m having this problem I’ve done a lot of research to get this figured out and have come up with nothing besides the speakers could be clipping and I’m not sure how to fix this issue
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Re: Subwoofer clipping?

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Good afternoon Bretlachman-


You certainly have done your research and thank you for letting me know about your system!  Having customer's engulf the 12 volt industry is very cool to hear about and I want to thank you for stopping by to ask your question on the Best Buy forums!


To be honest with you, there where be no way for me to troubleshoot this clipping you're experiencing, but I know our Geek Squad Autotech's are some of the best in the industry!  There could be multiple reasons for this power light and clipping could be coming from which is why I'm wanting you to schedule a consultation to see if on of our experts can take a closer look for you!  I hope you're able to get an appointment soon, but please understand this is a very busy time of year for our Autotech's, and your patience is greatly appreciated if there is a wait time. 


I'll be around if you have any other questions in the meantime, or after you work with an Autotech!



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