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Speaker and Amp Problems

Hello, I’m getting subs installed at best buy this coming weekend, and am also having them rewire an existing speaker amp. I added sound dampening material and replaced two speakers in the rear doors today. Upon completion, one of the new speakers had no sound. I plugged in a working speaker to see if it was defective, and the working speaker had no sound either. I’m wondering what my best approach would be, would getting the amp rewired (as I’m already doing) fix the problem? Or would I have to run new speaker wires to the door. If the latter, what would the cost roughly be to run new speaker wire to just one door. Thanks
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Re: Speaker and Amp Problems

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Saweet! Tylsersoper207, 


I'm excited to hear that you're getting your subwoofer's installed by our Geek Squad Autotech's next weekend, furthermore, I'm happy you stopped by to ask your questions about your door speaker.  I'm wanting to share with you some possible peace of mind, but also let you know that adding sound damping material will really make your subs sound so much better!  Thanks for registering with the Best Buy forums to ask! 

That said, some vehicles are notorious for factory wire breaks along the factory looms they're run with.  This may not be the case for you, and you may need new wires ran into that door, but most of the times our experts can troubleshoot and diagnose the vehicle accordingly.  I'm crossing my fingers it's a known vehicle, and the break is easy to repair with simple solder and a little extra wire, but I'd have to leave the price up to the Autotech's because it's based on time spent running the wires into the new door from the source unit.  Knowing that you're running wires to the back of your vehicle, perhaps there may not bee additional work required because the disassembly will already be done by this wire run, but I couldn't promise this as an outcome.  

Feel welcome to bring this up with your installer before the work is completed so that they could possibly plan for this also during the installation.  Please know that they may not have time to complete this installation also, just to let you know this in advance knowing how effectively we book appointments to maximize the most efficiency to provide the expert service our customer's deserve!  I'll be here if you have any other questions!

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