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Rexing dashcam installation question



I bought a Rexing V1P 3rd generation dashcam (front and rear) directly from Rexing, along with their hardwire smart installation kit. 


Can BestBuy perform the installation in my car even if I didn't buy the camera from them? I'm assuming the installation will leave the camera on all the times - please confirm.




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Re: Rexing dashcam installation question

Hello, wtt1971,


Welcome, and thank you for joining our forums! This sounds like an exciting upgrade for your car, and one of our stores will be more than happy to get this installed for you. Dash camera installations will usually start at $59.99, but keep in mind that this doesn't include hardware and required wiring you may not already have.


I recommend scheduling a free in-store reservation with one of our Autotechs to get an estimate on getting this dash camera installed. They'll be able to help you get an estimate for both the labor, and any additional accessories that may be required to get this completed and answer any other questions you may have.


Thank you for posting!

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