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Remote start in 2010 Taurus

I was checking out the Viper remote start system that has smart start. I think this would be a really cool option for my wife. 

Anyways I was on the viper website and when selecting a 2010 Taurus and trying to select the option of having smart start it's greyed out. Is smart start compatible with the Taurus?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Remote start in 2010 Taurus

Both Viper's SmartStart and Compustar's DroneMobile remote start systems are compatible with your wifes vehicle. Just keep in mind that the price listed on are for the remote start system with basic installation. Every vehicle is unique and will require additional parts and labor to properly install it into the vehicle. I recommend that you contact your local Geek Squad Autotech installation bay for more details on those additional costs or if you have trouble getting through on the phone just PM me and I can email you a proposal.

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