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Remote Starts

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Buying a remote start has never been easier when shopping at Best Buy, and with winter nipping at our nose already, it’s time to start preparing for the cold weather ahead!  For the states enjoying warm weather all year round, don’t forget that you’re able to cool your car down by using the remote start for the air conditioning too.  Our Geek Squad Autotech installers perform thousands of remote starts during the winter season, so it’s best to plan ahead to beat the winter and holiday rush!

The two main options that we have in most all stores are the Compustar RS1B-DC3 and Viper DS4.  Both modules are excellent in their own ways, but both of them allow Best Buy to outfit your vehicle with the top of the line remote starter systems!  When you click on either link you’ll be able to use the drop down menu right above the product for your vehicle Year, Make, and Model.  When you check out you’ll likely see additional parts added to your cart, that should be free with installation bundle.  These parts are added by our system for your vehicle’s specific needs.  That way our installers can make your installation pain-free!

Want more out of your remote starter? 


Both the Compustar and Viper units have the ability to add on the security system portion to with their alarm upgrade kit.


Viper has remote add-on’s that give their customers up to one mile range, 2-way communication, and you can get unlimited range with their additional Viper Smart Start module.  These remotes can be found online by clicking the links below:

Compustar has given customers the option for unlimited range if they upgrade remotes that will range from 3000ft to 1 mile.  All of their upgraded remotes will come bundled with the Drone X1 module, and a free Drone trial period.  Below is the lineup for their remotes:


Whichever remote start you go with, all our workmanship comes with a nationwide lifetime labor warranty at any Best Buy location that offers auto-installation services!  Have the peace of mind knowing you’re getting professional installation at unbeatable prices!  Give your local Best Buy a call to schedule your appointment, or if you do not see your car listed as compatible with any of our units, so you can speak with your Geek Squad Autotech who will be performing the installation. 

Stay warm this season!

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Re: Remote Starts

What are our options for our 2012 Highlander non G-KEY (non push button start). Keyfob has lock/unlock/full open and close trunk pop/rear glass window pop. Wife just wants remote start. Would we get a whole new keyfob that can do all these things or have to have 2 Keyfobs?




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Re: Remote Starts

Hello there, @theruckman,


Thanks for taking the time to register with the Best Buy forums to ask us about your 2012 Toyota Highlander. With any option, Viper or Compustar, you’ll have the ability to remote start your vehicle with an extra keyfob. If your vehicle is compatible, you may have options to start your vehicle with the factory keyfob but this is mostly for the G keys and push to start options, which you’ve stated is not your trim, so please ask your installer if this is possible at the time of installation.

Each remote start has awesome range out of the box with single button remotes.  If you’re needing more range you can always increase this by purchasing a remote upgrade kit! You can schedule a Car Consultation to speak with your local Geek Squad Autotech (30 minute appointment) if you’re curious what is possible, and also for the most accurate vehicle proposal for time and labor!

Have a wonderful day!