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Recommendations for sound system

So I have a 2015 Kia Forte base model. I know little to nothing about car speakers, amps, wires etc. I was wondering what you would recommend on the placement of subs such as the trunk or doors. As well as the actual subs that I get like what’s a good brand of subwoofer and amp also Watts of the amp. I don’t plan on upgrading to a larger system or anything so whatever I get I want to last long and have great sound and power. This would be the first time doing anything to my car. Also would getting a new radio be better than the stock in handling or controlling the subs. And if you think I’m missing anything. Not sure if any of that made sense again my knowledge in cars is very little but I do love music.
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Re: Recommendations for sound system

Hello RedWings84-


Welcome to the Best Buy forums and thank you for asking so many questions, I always say if you don't know but you want to learn you have to ask questions!  Being an avid music enthusiast myself, I can totally understand wanting to have the installation and product installed a single time and left alone.  To me it sounds like you're just looking to have the best sound quality while adding in that extra thump from the back.


Some of the most common Amps-Installation Costs can be found by clicking the link.  If you're looking for some of the more common Brands, I've consolidated them all in one place for you.  Browsing around these threads is another great way to learn what others have done, and what I've recommended to them for their vehicle specific.  Once you get the product narrowed down, I'd be more than willing to provide you with the Installation Parts and a Labor Quote!


I'd highly recommend reaching out to one of our MECP certified Auotech's.  They're more than capable of helping you out with getting you pointed in the right direction.  While in the store, our bays could be quite busy depending on your demographics, so please forgive us if the next available time slot is not for a little while.  A Connected Car Specialist is also capable of assisting you in the store if our Autotechs are busy, and feel welcome to visit your local Best Buy to start your journey into car electronics!





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