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Receiver info

I have a sony bravia 120Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution t.v. and a sony blu-ray player. I am thinking about upgrading my audio receiver. My current receiver is a pioneer with dolby-d and dts neo 6.1 sound. I am curious if the dolbt-tru hd and dts-hd sound has a serious difference in sound quality. Is the seperation and crispness and clarity really noticable. I have a great video and good audio, I was just hoping someone would be honest with me in helping my decision with purchasing a new reciever. Thanks
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Re: Receiver info

There's no doubt the new lossless audio codecs are on a different level of quality.


Will you notice the difference? There are alot of variables here...your room, your speakers, your hearing/ears.


My honest opinion is that most will likely not be able to tell the diffence for movie tracks. However music will benefit most, and if you love music, the new audio formats are worth it.

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Re: Receiver info

We have a Klipsch Quintet SL system and a Yamaha 663 as are main demo in Home Theater Core right behind our answer center. I can tell you when we first hooked it up coming from the 661 I noticed the very blatent difference of uncompressed audi tracks in blu-ray movies.


But thats with our setup, dont know about yours.