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Re: Help with car sound system

Good Morning, 


I have been having a problem with my kicker system lately. I have 2 Kicker Comp Rs (40CWR122) that came in a prefab enclosure. I have them running on a Kicker KX 800.1 amp. I have had the system around 3 years and it has been running great. Then last week out of no where the amp began to cut out at medium to higher volume levels. Occasionally it was cut out and back in, but most of the times it would cut out and would not come back on until I restarted the car. I then lowered the gain and bass on the amp because I notice it would happen at the high volumes when the bass hits, but that did not make a difference. after a couple of days I was able to test it in my drive way and noticed that the amp was clipping even at medium to lower volumes and when the bass cut completely out the amp would still be on but without bass until I restarted the car. After getting some advice from a service tech at best buy I pulled each sub and tested with a multimeter and one of the subs was not reading any Ohms so I purchased a replacement for that one and installed it. I believe the subs were bridged when they were installed so I just popped the one out and put the new its place. The same results are occuring at high volume. The bass sounds better but at any volume around the medium to higher range in cuts out. Both speakers are still working but I would like any suggestions you may have as to what I should take a look at. 

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Re: Help with car sound system

Welcome to the Best Buy forums-


These forums are here for assistance with product and installation related questions such as prices, availability, and product knowledge.  For troubleshooting assistance please call to schedule your appointment at any Best Buy location!  Please be sure to ask your installer for a rough estimate of how long it may take, since the troubleshooting SKUs are charged, per the 1/4 hour.  


I'm sorry I do not have better news for you, but I did want to inform you that it isn't all that uncommon to have an amplifier showing these symptoms after a subwoofer has gone bad (blown).  Let me know if I can assist you after you speak with an Autotech over the phone or in the store! 





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