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Re: Car CD I need one

please advise:


1) where to buy a CD player to use in new car that doesn't have a CD player?


2) I know you need to plug it into the auxillary port, but what powers the player?  (batteries?) - is there a way for the car to power the player?


3) when you use the CD player plugged into the auxillary port, how do you reverse or pause or forward the CD - do the car's controls work the player or do you have to push buttons on the player itself?


MY reason for wanting a CD player in my car is to play books on "tape" that I take out from the local library - there must be LOTS of people in my position

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Re: Car CD I need one

Hello There NancyBryant-


Why are all the CD’s going away?!  This is a frustrating realization of many of my old customers when I was posting as @autotech796.  Many of the cars I worked on when I was a Geek Squad Autotech, especially the newer ones, had no CD players.  This sometimes upset unsuspecting customers who didn't realize this when they purchased the vehicle, or didn't realize how often they listen to CD's.  


While media players have swept the nation, because of the mass amount of songs which can be stored upon them, being able to physically hold a CD is important to many people still.  You found a good thread to jump onto, where we had 2 different users, have 2 different options provided to them from Best Buy. 


You can look into replacing your stereo, which might not even be possible, or you can purchase a stand-alone CD player. Should you purchase a player like this HERE you would have to plug this into an “aux” input, but you would not be able to use any factory radio buttons to control this device.  All devices being played through an auxiliary cord would require you to navigate on the unit itself for any features such as skip, play, stop, etc.


The power source would be batteries for the CD players we have in some stores, but I’m also not 100% positive if they have a D/C power adapter for the car. If you are wanting to see about replacing your stereo, I would recommend reaching out to your local installation bay for quotes.  I would still recommend the information I provided for the customer driving the 2017 Civic, but if you need anything else clarified just let me know!


Thank You,
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