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New Year, Same Car

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The New Year brings change to most people. While I wish I could buy a brand-new car every year, Best Buy offers quite a lot of different options that will make your car feel fresh. My car is nice and dependable, but the receiver is feeling a bit dated these days. Sure, the Bluetooth connects when I jump in but otherwise I’m left to pulling my phone out to change the music, or to take a look at my navigation app.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow your smartphone to connect to your receiver, usually through USB and Bluetooth, and put your phone’s screen in on your receiver’s screen, so it’s easier to use. In general, both systems have a lot in common. They’ll get the most important apps needed when driving like navigation and music, or podcasts right at your fingertips.


If you’ve purchased a smartphone in the last few years you’ve probably already made the decision between an Apple operating system versus an Android one. The important thing to keep in mind is making sure is that the receiver is compatible with your phone. Our website can help differentiate between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capable receivers. Even better, most receivers are compatible with both options to make your purchasing experience easier.


Since every car is a bit different, you’ll want to make sure you have all the required parts, and that your new receiver is compatible with your vehicle. You can schedule a free consultation with our Autotechs, who will be able to help you get everything prepared for a smooth installation appointment. You can also visit our website and add a receiver to your cart. Once added, you can input your vehicle information to see what accessories are needed.


Once your new receiver is installed you’ll be able to keep a better eye on the road and get quick access to the apps you need. Already have one of these receivers? Let us know about your setup below!

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Re: New Year, Same Car

With a ton of states strapping down on their laws for cellular devices, why not outfit your car with the latest and greatest, while staying safe on the road!  Ask about adding a backup camera or a dash camera to your new radio also, some of our radios have the ability to show the display of the dash camera on the in dash screen to let you know multiple prompts that could help your daily commute.

awesome article!