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NS-DASH150 - Formatting issues - Unreadable on Mac and Errors on PC

What's up with the way Insignia has chosen to fomrat SD cards in their Dashcam [NS-DASH150]?


The SD card is totally unreadable on a Mac.  When I insert into a PC, I get a message saying "There's a problem with the drive.  Scan the drive now to fix it."  After that error, I can then manage to view the files.  


Between the initial warning on a PC and then the total lack of usablity on the Mac, someting is not right with the way this Dashcam fromats SD cards.  


Yes, the SD card works fine, the card reader works fine, and I've tried on multiple PCs and multiple Macs.  I'm certain this is a problem with the way that the dashcam formats the SD card.


It's pretty ridiculous that this is a problem in 2022.  And if this is planned and not lazy/poor planning on Insignia's part, they need to make it clear that the files will not be readable on a Mac on their packaging for the devince.  


If anyone knows what's going on, I'd appereciate the help.  Thanks. 

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Re: NS-DASH150 - Formatting issues - Unreadable on Mac and Errors on PC

Have you tried to take the device out of the car first and plug it into a USB port on your computer to see if you can read it that way? 


Otherwise for troubleshooting and Technical Support you can use the information here to troubleshoot:


They would be best to help you out. 

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