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Looking for new audio system in a 2002 Chevy Malibu!

Recently one of my speakers has blown, I haven't been able to listen to all the music that I like because of it. I'm looking for a well priced audio system makeover for my car. If at all possible a new radio as well so I could have an auxiliary port to plug a phone into. Any suggestions? And roughly how much would it cost?
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Re: Looking for new audio system in a 2002 Chevy Malibu!


   What a great question that you have, a little broad, but a great one at that!  Replacing car electronics seems like a daunting task, but with our MECP certified technicians, we make it as simple as possible, and with a lifetime/nationwide warranty, what more can you ask for?


I can get the ball rolling as far as what your vehicle will require as far as parts, and the prices of the installations, but after that i would need your help, and better clarification/s into the products that you are most interested in. 


Radio installation: (your radio will only fit a single din radio meaning no video screen or larger double din units)

Dash kit 19.99

Harness 99.99 (i know expensive, but it is retaining safety features on your vehicle such as door chimes)

Antenna adapter 17.99

Installation for NON video screen 64.99

Standard speaker installation per PAIR 64.99 (fronts 4x6) each pair will require speaker harnesses 14.99 per pair

Standard speaker installation per PAIR 64.99 (rears 6x9)  each pair will require speaker harnesses 14.99 per pair





Best Buy has a pretty good selection for all your needs, and i would love to assist you, but with all the products that we carry i don't think i can write that much out.  If you are just looking for a basic radio with auxillary inputs you can take a look at the pioneer 150mp.  that is going to be our most basic stereo with auxillary options, going up in price will get you more bells and whistles.  Some radios do not have cd players and give you Bluetooth technology instead at a cheaper price than radios with both cds and bluetooth, so keep that in mind.  It isn't always how much you spend anymore, but more of what features are necessary for you.  here are a few links to some radios that were mentioned in this paragraph.


that kmm kenwood radio is pretty sweet cause for 30 dollars more than the pioneer basic radio with just tuner, cd, and aux.  the kenwood supplies usb, aux, NO cd player, Bluetooth for talking and streaming music also.  as far as your speakers go, instore we only have a pioneer 4x6 speakers, but online we have more of a selection, but for the most part 4x6's will range between $50-$119.  6x9 speakers for the rears will range in prices from $50-$150, but again there are many choices.  


I would personally recommend that you visit your local best buy to get a little better understanding of what we carry, and if you should have any questions after please do not hesitate, and if you narrow down your search just enter that into the total above for a more accurate price quote for yourself.  best of luck and let me know if i can assist you further!




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