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Is it possible to transfer a car starter from one car to another? If so, does it have a price?

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Re: Is it possible to transfer a car starter from one car to another? If so, does it have a price?

Welcome valentina18-


Thank you for writing in the Car, Marine, and GPS section on the Best Buy Forums. The answer to your question is yes, but I want to point out some things which may help you decide if this choice is worth it or not to you.  When a remote car starter is installed in a vehicle it is intended to be modified in a way which makes it look clean and flow with factory wiring for your car specific.  There will also be [proprietary firmware downloaded on a module which will also have its wires modified for the vehicle at hand. 


Once a remote start is installed the manufactures will offer a limited lifetime labor warranty, along with our Geek Squad life time labor warranty, to fully protect your purchase.  Unfortunately, after this is removed from the first vehicle the warranty will not carry over to the next car.  You will be charged for removal, along with full installation into the new car, which can be quite expensive.  In my 10 years as an Autotech, even with the simplest of vehicles, the customer would on average save 10-20 dollars.  There are also plenty of instances where the transfer would cost more with no warranty attached.  The manufacturers do it this way because they want you to protect your vehicle as best as possible, so buying new and transferring will even out in the long run.  Basically if you want a warranty buy new, but if you feel it isn't necessary you can transfer also.


The choice will ultimately be yours, but I would recommend leaving the remote start in the vehicle and purchase new.  Many of times Best Buy will have a lot more options for the new vehicles at a cheaper price, which allows the customer the same features, and the full warranty.  To find out more about your out the door costs, I would recommend reaching out to your local installation bay. You can also reply back the new vehicles year, make, and model, and I would be more than happy to send you a quote. 


If you take this route provide me with some basic features you are looking for in your remote starter system, and also what your old systems model number was. This way I can match you up with the same conveniences you enjoyed on your old car. I look forward to speaking with you soon! 

JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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