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Installing a 1000 watt amp and subwoofers in an '06 Honda Civic

How much would geek squad charge for me to have my amp and subs installed into a '06 Honda Civic sedan? I don't have any of the wiring. I literally just have the amplifier (kenwood KAC 8104D) and two ten inch subwoofers in an enclosure.
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Re: Installing a 1000 watt amp and subwoofers in an '06 Honda Civic


   Thank you for taking the time to ask such a great question, sorry for the lateness in my response also.  To get an amplifier installed into your vehicle, is certainly exciting, and does come with some additional parts, and labor required for vehicle specifics.  Ill leave you a breakdown of the costs below, you can just add the ones that you are wanting to go with for a grand total before tax.  If they say required next to them, unfortunately, that is probably installation costs, or required to perform the installation.  


Materials charge  $5.00 (required)

Amp installation $99.99 (required)

Line output convertor $14.99 (only required if the factory radio is not replaced with an aftermarket)

Factory amp integration $24.99 (required for installation of Line output convertor, will show up on receipt as "custom labor per 1/4") 

Subwoofer installation $19.99 (only required if subwoofer is not mounted in the enclosure)

Dual subwoofer installation 39.99 ( only required if mounting 2 subwoofers into the enclosure)

Amp kit: Kicker $149.99 (required for installation of amp)

             Truconnex $109.99 (required for installation of amp)


To help aid you with your choices here is the most common scenario for customers who do not have subs mounted into the box, and need everything for the installation, and are providing the installers with all the equipment, and it is being connected to the factory radio:


$5 materials charge fee

$99.99 amp installation

$24.99 line output convertor installation

$14.99 line output convertor

$149.99 kicker amp kit

$39.99 2 subwoofer mount to enclosure

$334.95 total


make sure that you edit out anything that you don't need like the subwoofer installation, if they are already in the box, and the installation of the LOC and the part if your radio is not factory.  Hope this helps, and if you should have further questions, do not hesistate to let me know! Best of luck!





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