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Install Viper 4205V on 2015 Toyota Highlander

I just purchased the Viper 4205V from The sku is SKU: 1659006 an also comes with Geek squad install sku 3579496. I would like this installed on  my 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited Platnum which has the keyless Start button. What else am I looking at for Best Buy to install the 4205V unit, and is the Viper VSM350 SMARTSTART compatible with my car and the 4205 ? what  would it cost to install the  VSM350 SMARTSTART with the 4205V

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Re: Install Viper 4205V on 2015 Toyota Highlander


  First off, thank you for your user name i got quite the chuckle out of that!  Your questions are great and i apologize for my lateness getting back to you with a reply.  I hope I am able to assist you as fully as i possibly can, but understand that prices are subject to change if they are sale.  Below is going to be an estimate if a customer were to come to me in the store for your vehicle and the model of the remote start that you have already selected. 


Materials fee  $5.00

Hood tilt switch $9.99

Additional relay 1 $12.99

Immobilizer interface module $99.99

Parking light Relay $12.99

4205V w/basic install 1 $269.99

Interface Module install labor 1 $39.99


Subtotal Estimate Only** $450.94

Install time Estimate Only** 3 Hours

Your additional costs before tax: **180.95


Please note that this is just a quote for a customer who were to arrive in the store or on the phone; the quote that they would receive. If the installer were to not use any of these additional parts, they will be refunded at the time of installation, before or after.  Some vehicles even the same vehicle will come from the factory equipped with more options, so this quote trys to average out the most common parts that some of the customers are seeing for this year specific, throughout the best buy install bays.  For example, some vehicles will come equipped with a factory hood sensor, and in this instance the installer would refund you the $9.99 hood pin at the end of the installation, or beginning. 


The viper smart start vsm350 is compatible with any viper unit, to provide its customers with the ultimate range of unlimited!  This product to have installed would run an additional $59.99, and would show up as "advance security add-on" on the receipt.  This viper smart start application can be downloaded for free from your app store, and once downloaded, application/service fees apply for this service.  More about the service plans can be found here:

Smart start service plans


Thank your for taking the time to write with the community and ask such a valuable question.  Should you need further assistance please do not hesitate to let me know by continuing this thread.  If you have everything you need click here to schedule your appoinment with any of the installers in your area.  Best of luck!



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