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INSTALLATION QUOTE - Subwoofer, Amp, and LOC



Assuming I have purchased:

-12" Subwoofer


-Monoblock Amp (with bass remote)

-Amp Kit



What would it cost me to have this installed in my 2015 Q50? 




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Re: INSTALLATION QUOTE - Subwoofer, Amp, and LOC

Forgot to mention: Sub is not installed in enclosure.

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Re: INSTALLATION QUOTE - Subwoofer, Amp, and LOC

I'm sorry. My car is a Q40, not Q50.



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Re: INSTALLATION QUOTE - Subwoofer, Amp, and LOC

Hey Seenkat,


Welcome to the forums!


Sub and amp install, love it. I will do my best to answer your question. 


First a question, is the vehicle factory amplified? I will give you a quote based on factory amplified because most Infiniti's are. 


Material fee: $5.00

mono amp install: $99.99

bass knob: $24.99

LOC install: $24.99

mount single sub: $19.99 (personally I replace the wiring in the box before I mount the sub, this is just my preference.)


The quote above may vary based on how the bass knob is mounted. For the most accurate quote, contact your local install bay or get scheduled here.


If the vehicle is amplified, which it may be, that may not change the cost. The question was more for my own curiosity. I hope this answers your question and please don't hesitate to ask any others you may have. 


Thanks for posting and joining the community!

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Re: INSTALLATION QUOTE - Subwoofer, Amp, and LOC

Hello seenkat-


@autotech521 did a fantastic job at providing you a quote, along with supplying you with some possible additional costs.  Depending on where the bass know is being mounted is typically the main decider if there will be additional charges.  Our Autotechs like to make sure your car has the aftermarket sound without sacraficing the factory look, so if you have a cool place you think you want it, let us know and will try our best to accomodate!


The vehicle or the amplification really doesn't matter, but please provide as much information as possible to the Geek Squad agent before they schedule the appoitnment.  Sometimes the vehicle could be a little trickier with an factory amplifier, so we want to make sure you are quoted the correct price, but the scheduled appoitment goes smoothly with enough time blocked off!


To schedule your appointment right now, click the link HERE!  Thank you for coming to the Best Buy forums to speak with us!  It has been a pleasure working with you, and don't hesistate to reach back out to us if you have any other questions!





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