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How much for Car Subwoofers installation?

Hey guys I have a 2008 Saturn Aura XE.
I was wondering how much it would cost to install 2 12" Kenwoods I have them in a dual box with the amplifier screwed in the back of the box. I have a few wires like the ones that connect the speakers to the amp and the ground wire.
What else do I need to get?
How much will all of this cost?
Thank you very much if you can help me Smiley Happy
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Re: How much for Car Subwoofers installation?


    Thank you for reaching out to the Car and Gps section of the Unboxed forums!  I would be more that happy to assist you in understanding all the parts/labor, that will be required for your amp and subwoofer installation to take place!  Since i dont really have as much as i would like, as far as information or specifications, i will probably need a follow up post to really help you out for the most accurate quote.


Lets start off with the basics.  You have a 2008 saturn aura XE, with a factory or after market head unit?  if the car has a factory head unit there will be a $14.99 part with a $24.99 installaiton.  The Line output convertor ($14.99) will allow any factory system to run aftermarket amplifiers off the stock speakers.  For the installers to install this part the price is only $24.99. 


It sounds like you already have the amplifier and the subwoofers ready to go, but Best Buy doesn't have left over wires, or sell wires by the foot.  We only carry amp kits which will supply the power, ground, remote, RCA's, speaker wire, and the fuse holder.  Unfortunately if you do not have all of these wires, you will have to buy a new amp kit which ranges in prices between $79.99-$149.99.  If you are running anything less than 500 watts, then i would recommend using a 8AWG amp kit, but i only would recommend this if you never plan on upgrading to a larger system.  If you are planning on upgrading to a larger system later on down the way, i would recommend buying a 4AWG amp kit.


We have two different brands Kicker and Truconnex amp kits.  Truconnex amp kits are going to have a little less thread count, but still provide more than most of the competitors online, and kicker is going to be one of the premier wires.  With that said here is the list of prices for our amp kits.

Kicker 8AWG- $99.99

Kicker 4AWG- $149.99

Truconnex 8AWG- $79.99

Truconnex 4AWG- $109.99


Now that you have your amp kit lets get you that quote that you were wanting! im going to quote you with the kicker 8AWG wire that way you can get a close estimate within 20-50 dollars.


Materials charge $5.00

Amp installation $99.99

Amp Kit (kicker) $99.99

Line output convertor installation $24.99

Line output convertor $14.99

Total (before tax) $244.96


hope this helps clear up some confusion for you, if you do have any other questions i will be here all weekend, so just let me know! thank you for taking the time to post and share with the community.  Best of luck!






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