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Home Theater System

I am trying to surprise my husband this Christmas with a Blu-Ray player and a better home sound system.  I have narrowed down that I am definately going to buy the Panasonic 35 as the Blu-Ray player.  I currently have an old JVC receiver and a hodgepodge of speakers.  Last december we bought a 42" Panasonic plasma hdtv.  We did not upgrade our Satelite yet to HD.  Since I am buying the Blu-Ray player and want him to get the best video/audio affect I am assuming I will need to buy an HDMI cable and buy a receiver with HDMI.  Can anyone suggest any receivers and speakers that will complement the Panasonic 35?  (Looking budget to moderate price range) I willl need to plug in Playstation 2, satellite dish, tv.   Also, will I only need 1 HDMI cable?  Any tips/advice? 
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Re: Home Theater System

Any idea how much you "want" to spend on this home theatre system, and how much space in your room you want to use up? Bestbuy has some nice "Home Theatre in a Box's" that are very moderately prices


This Yamaha unit -

will run you around $350, and comes with a reciever - solid unit.


That being said you could easily spend that much on a receiver, and thousands of dollars on speakers...but its not necessary. HDMI is really the input you should go with as it will yield a digital picture and digital sound through just one cable, but in order for that you may have to talk to your satellite company as your unit may not be HDMI compatible without upgrading to HD(but that will be a nice present as well) Smiley Happy


That Panasonic Blu Ray player is a nice one, my buddy just picked up the Samsung BD1500 for $150-200 on friday night and likes it(I personally just use my Playstation 3)