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Home Audio System

Need a new stereo system for my home,already have two DVD players,and a nice plasmaTV,all I need is a system with a multiple CD player(5 cds or more),AM/FM (satellite?) receiver,speakers(surround sound),cassettte deck,and maybe a turntable,can you buy a system like that or is it better to build your own
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Re: Home Audio System

I am a "build your own" person, but only because I am finicky about my audio, my car stereo system retails over $5000(I worked at a car stereo shop and got them all at cost much cheaper). my house I am the same way, I love, good sound Smiley Happy. My first question is price, how much do you want to spend on this audio system? What are the dimensions of the room you are putting this system in, that will help with a layout(say 5.1, or so), we may be able to get away with a Home Theatre-in-a-Box(HTiB) if you are just looking to pair the TV with a system in a small room(or trying to stick to a specific price). Answer a few of these questions and we can aid you a bit more Smiley Happy