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GPS review

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I have been looking for a good GPS system for my car. I came across Garmin products and they look promising, reliable and worth it. Few of my friends have also recommended it. Online reviews are also good. But I’m still a bit confused. Has anybody here checked it out?


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Re: GPS review

One thing people need to be aware of with GPS is that most consumer GPS is only going to be accurate to 10 to 50 feet.  But for driving directions that is sufficeent as the systems automatically snap you to the road. 


A car GPS is typically going to be used for driving directions.


Personally I thing Garmin and Trimble make very good GPS systems. 


Are you looking for in Dash or Portable?


If you are looking for portable I would actually recommend buying a mount for your phone and using that. 


I have purchased several Garming portable for my wife and my father and they work great.  However, a benefit of using your phone is that maps are automatically updated (free) and traffic is up to date and pretty accurate. 


I use Google Maps all the time.


Currently I have an in dash system that I can plug my phone into.  It utilizes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to display my driving directions right on the screen from my phone. It also plays vocal directions on the car speakers.


I can use it also to stream music from my phone, answer calls, and it is compatible with some meeting programs like Cisco Web Ex so if I am driving I can still participate in meets at work. 


As far as the Garmin products go I would recomend the 


Garmin DriveSmart 55

 It has a lot of great features 






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