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GPS Tracking Device for Cars

Does anyone know if I can get a GPS tracking device for a car where I can secretly install it under the vehicle and track it on my computer with a software program without having to remove the device and download it?  Does that sort of thing exist?  Thanks!

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Re: GPS Tracking Device for Cars

Hey Montine,


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The simple answer to your question is yes, they do exist. The tricky part is that we sell the ones that plug into the OBD2 port. You would have to search online for the type you are looking for. I have installed this type of tracker in fleet vehicles. They had access to a online program to track the trucks.


Hope this answers your question, though I wish I could give you a link to them, right now it is outside of what we offer on 

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Re: GPS Tracking Device for Cars

Or you could get her an iPhone and track that via iTunes.  Works with my kids hee hee

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