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I installed a Pioneer deck and infinity speakers in my truck. It sounds really good when I play cds and usually dont turn it up past 25. When I listen to radio, i have to turn it up to about 35 and dont get the kind of sound I would like. This is probably normal but if someone could confirm I would appreciate. Thanks
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Re: FM sound

Hello dthoney!


In case you hadn’t found a solution, I thought I’d let you know what works for me. I have an older Pioneer and I change the preset equalizer depending on the media.  For example, I switch to the “Rock” preset for some CDs or "Auditorium" for classical radio or "Voice" for talk radio.  Sometimes I just mash the button until it sounds better.  Luckily, my stereo also has a button for “Loud,” because just like you experience: my public radio station is a bit muted. Perhaps there is a better way, so any suggestions?

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