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E39 BMW 525i Manual Viper DS4 Install

I'm looking at getting the Viper DS4 installed on my 2002 BMW 525i manual. I wanted to know if there was any issues and if a key is needed to be left in the vehicle for the install etc. Any other helpful information I should know etc would be appreciated. IE the factory alarm system will run in conjunction with it etc?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: E39 BMW 525i Manual Viper DS4 Install

Hey there, impulseballer,


Welcome to our community forums. I got a remote start installed a few years ago and it has been a great addition in the summer and winter! I'd be happy to help answer your questions.


After doing some searching, I do see that two keys are required for the installation process and one will be not be usable in the future as it's required for the installation. Based on the information I have available, it doesn't look like you should have any problems with the security system.


We do offer free in-store consultations with our AutoTechs so they can walk through the installation process with you and help answer any more questions you may have. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else!

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Re: E39 BMW 525i Manual Viper DS4 Install

Hey impulseballer,

I am a former E39 owner and current Geek Squad autotech, so I believe I can provide some more insight. To echo what Andrew said, scheduling a consultation here is an absolute must in my opinion. Due to the complex nature of the vehicle as well as the manual transmission, there will be additional parts and labor required. At a bare minimum, our standard charge for the additional work required to safely integrate with your clutch and the additional connections required to ensure your vehicle is not able to start in gear is $200. You will also need a 451M relay (to properly integrate with your door locks and factory alarm) and a 556U (which is a box that holds the key you will lose as part of the installation). There are wires that will need to be run into your doors, wires that will need to be run in the engine bay, and wires that will need to be run to both the driver and passenger side of your cabin.
With how rare manual transmissions are nowadays, not every autotech may have the experience or skillsets required to take on such a challenging installation, so getting a consultation scheduled is vital. Even if your local autotech may choose to not take on this job, they may be able to connect you with another who is able to perform the work.