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Dunno What To Put In My Car

I have a 2016 mitsubishi lancer, and I have alot of trunk space. I'm looking to get a full entertainment system for it. I'm thinking like two 12's, but I dunno what else to put in there. I know I need a amp, and an aftermarket radio. I would need a box for the subs also. I have a price range about $600. 

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Re: Dunno What To Put In My Car

one of the 12 volt associates should be able to shed some lite. 


I think the best bet would be to go into a Store and talk to one of them.  These guys are all passionate about car audio equipment and can pair you up with all the correct items. 

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Re: Dunno What To Put In My Car

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Greetings dyljordan-


Nice ride, and welcome to the Best Buy forums! I’m excited you’re looking to have our MECP certified Autotech’s perform an installation on your vehicle!  They truly are the best in the 12 volt industry, and I’m hoping to provide you with some options that wouldn’t sacrifice space in your trunk!


You have some options to purchase the subwoofers separate, or fully enclosed, click here to see!  Knowing you’re likely going to use the trunk, why worry about sacrificing all the space for sound when you can get the same bump as most 12’s on the market!  Our Agents are available by appointment, and should you have any questions about what options are available, you should schedule a car consultation to work with your local Autotech!


I hope this allows you to explore some other possibilities you may not have known about, and please be sure to let me know if you have any questions after working with your installer!



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