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Ok,  I have bought my husband the Panasonic Blu Ray 35 for Christmas.  Since we have an old Sony receiver I was looking for a new one to take advantage of the Blu Ray.  I have been looking at the Denon 1909 and 789, since the overheating and humming scared me away from Onkyo 606 or 706.  Are the Denon 1909 or 789 good receivers for this blu ray?  I will be hooking up a panasonic 42" 720, the blu ray and a playstation and cd player.  If this is not a good receiver can you recommend one in the $300-$650 price range.  It is for a small to medium room.
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Re: Denon?

Yes the Denon would be a fantastic receiver for the blu-ray. I have a Denon 1609 and a Playstation 3, it sounds fantastic. Depending on your TV and what type of inputs you have the lower end denons will be just fine. The 1909 is a great receiver but it is expensive mine was 350 and its perfect. Don't get fooled into getting more than you need, a lot of features aren't even a necessity for smaller rooms they are just fancy terms for them to charge more. But ultamatly its up to you. Your blu-ray player has a lot of features already that convert audio signals that are already transfered to your receiver and so the extra features on the Denon are just overkill.