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DIGA DMR-BR630V, Panasonic blu ray dvd + vcr combo.

Anyone else heard of the Panasonic blu ray +vcr combo coming out soon?  I'm seriously interested in this product, both because of the blu ray quality and the vhs recording/playback.  A lot of people have vhs tapes and are hoping for this...what do you hear?
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Re: DIGA DMR-BR630V, Panasonic blu ray dvd + vcr combo.

Hey tomshotcash,

I read some of the pre-release information on this model a while back, but I was under the influence that this player was only going to be available in Japan.  Since it was only released overseas on October 1st of this year, chances are that a NA or EU equivalent won’t be released for a number of months yet.

If you’re itching to find out more about the DMR-BF630V though (and can read Japanese!) I’ve provided a link to Panasonic’s official site below:

Hope this helps you out!

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Re: DIGA DMR-BR630V, Panasonic blu ray dvd + vcr combo.

Just remember that when you buy these type of combination devices, the manufacturer makes compromises in order to get so much functioinality into one unit.  The video may not look that good, the available audio decoders may be limited, input and output connections may be limited, etc.


What compromises they made may not be immediately apparent, but there will invariably be some limitations that you may not be happy with down the road.


It may be better to get separate devices....

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