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Choosing a Budget Home Theater System

I'm looking to add theater sound to my family room, but my budget is pretty tight.  I currently have a Panasonic Plasma Screen that is connected to my cable box via HDMI, a Panasonic Blue Ray Player that connects to the tv via HDMI, and an XBox 360 that connects to the tv via component cables.


To be honest, I don't know much about theater systems, and I just want something that is decent sounding with the connections I need.  Can someone offer a few suggestions?  I see that Best Buy offers a couple systems for around $200, but I'm not sure that'll get me what I need to connect all of my devices.



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Re: Choosing a Budget Home Theater System

Look at the Sony DAV-HDX678WF.  Read the reviews..  I heard itin a SAM's store and am considering it as my solution.  Great sound for under $500,,,, I thought.   If it sounded good in SAM's think how it would sound in my house?   Very very technical logic there...
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Re: Choosing a Budget Home Theater System

The first step to building a good home theater system(at any budget), is to decide where you will put speakers, and how you will handle wiring.


If your budget is $200, you're almost certainly looking at a modest satellite(small) speaker system. These are typically sold with a built-in DVD. The sound won't be anything speacial, but it will certainly outdo the TV alone.


I suggest investing in an actual surround receiver. Sony isn't known for the greastet sound quality, but there receiver usually pack alot a features for cheap. Yamaha has a some good offerings as well.


The most important part of any home theater system is the speakers. You you're gonna cut corners, do it on receiver, not the speakers. Assuming we spend about $100-$150 on the receiver, you'll need to pony up at least $400 for a decent speaker/powered subwoofer package. Best Buy has a pretty aggressive deal on the Quintet package from Klipsch for the day after Thanksgiving.


Sure you'll spend more money on a setup like this, but the sound and overall usefullness of a real receiver are worth the extra investment.

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Re: Choosing a Budget Home Theater System

Pioneer 2920


Granted, its a passive sub, really tiny speakers, and you cant upgrade anything. But atleast you get 3 surround capable inputs.