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Car radio installation

Does Best Buy install car radios and if so how long would it take? Would I have to leave my car overnight? And is it something I have to make an appointment for or just show up and have them install it
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Re: Car radio installation

They do install car radios, had it done recently myself. You won't have to leave your car overnight. It might take 1 - 2 hours. An appointment is required, you can make one in store or online. I forget the website i know its or something like that.
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Re: Car radio installation

Okay thank you very much
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Re: Car radio installation

Here is the link to schedule an apointment jxs2 mentioned:

You can also call your local installation bay to set up your appointment, I personally ilke this route first because we like to make sure you get an accurate quote, and also order in any vehicle specific parts.

With that said, many of our bays are backed up right now in holiday season rush still. Please know that our times could be booked out pretty far so have a few dates that will work.

Thanks for the post, and kudos jxs2!
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