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Car audio install

Recently had a pioneer installed in a 2001 ford excursion. Old radio sounded much better. Tech has redone it 3x and still no luck? Are we missing something? Does anyone have experience with this vehicle? Sound is poor quality. Help
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Re: Car audio install

Greetings Bdrose-


Personally the only issue I've ran across with the Excursions was a power issue when the car would start.  There was an issue after the glow plugs warmed up and the turn of the key causing the radio to postpone its power cycle.  "Sound" is something that is entirely different and something I'll need much more information on to throw a dart at some possibilities.

  • What radio was previously installed?  The factory radio?
  • What Pioneer radio is currently installed?
  • What recommendations has the tech provided at each visit?
  • Are there aftermarket speakers already installed or are they still factory?
  • What sound(s) are you hearing that are "poor quality?"

This short list should provide me some better insight into your situation.  Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to help you out, here on the Best Buy forums, and I'm hoping to hear back from you soon!



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