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Car Audio Fit Guide

I have a 2013 Toyota Rav4 with the JBL and push to start.  The JVC KW-M750BT radio is what I would like to have installed.  The Fit Guide on the website states it doesn't fit but Crutchfield and the manufacturer say it does.  So which is it?  Your price is $100 less than Crutchfield and you offer free installation, I'd rather get it from BestBuy, will it fit an will you install it even if your website says it doesn't fit?

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Re: Car Audio Fit Guide

Good morning!

Thanks for registering with the Best Buy forums to ask your question about your 2013 Toyota Rav4 with JBL/push to start!  I appreciate you letting me know about the descrepency that you're seeing between the two websites and I'm looking forward to pointing you in the right direction to help out!

We should be able to do this installation, and even retain your back up camera (if one is already displaying on the factory radio).  I'm not entirely sure why this vehicle isn't populating results for our customers online, but our systems in the store do show that this would be compatible with your vehicle.  You'll need some additional parts like a dash kit, harness, and antenna adapter.  Although a bit expensive at first glance, the harness would be retaining your factory JBL system, and steering wheel controls.  We have other modules also that would retain much more vehicle information that I'd recommend speaking with an installer about to discover what options exist for your vehicle and you're welcome to weigh the costs!

Give your local Geek Squad Autotech a call by dialing your local Best Buy store.  While on the phone, they could populate a quote with the parts needed, but they do appear to be online so they'll need to be ordered before the installation could take place.  Once the parts arrive, Scheduling is as easy as clicking here, or calling the store to have them schedule an appointment for you! 

Keep me posted if you wish, otherwise, have a fantastic day!