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Best Dash Cam?

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Hey guy I'm currently looking to buy a dash cam for the summer and I wasn't sure which you guys would reccomend...please help me before I make a purchase. This is the one I'm most interested in getting...let me know what you guys think!  Best Garmin Dash Cam - Click Here!

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Re: Best Dash Cam?

the garmin dash camera is a pretty nice and slim style camera that records a great picture also.  I personally don't mind that camera but i am biased to the Thinkware F750.   it is the camera that i personally own and the one that install the most frequently here in the installation bay.  The customers really like its connectivity through wifi to any device that has that capability so that you can review any video on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, so choose your screen size.  the files that it saves its events under are easy to review and quick to process through all the files without missing the "events" that matter the most. 


the garmin one is a nice camera do not get me wrong, but i think the thinkware will have more options later on down the way for you if you ever wanted to expand to add in a back facing camera also, or the cable for parking mode.  it is currently on sale right now on for not to much more than the garmin.  Ultimately the choice is yours and that garmin does have great reviews also, i would say that you are set with either cam. 

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Re: Best Dash Cam?

I was going to buy the Dashcam 35.... it was the mount that stopped me.  With more than one vehicle... I needed a suction cup mount.  Instead I purchased this combo unit....


I own the previous Dashcam 20.  It's discontinued now.


Things I want in a dashcam....

  • 1080 or better.  Great to read license plate numbers more easily in the recordings
  • good low light when driving at night... check youtube for dashcam image samples and reviews
  • GPS models that can track my speed.  If I drive over.... I want it to be clear how little I'm over.
  • a GPS map combo unit when I need a GPS driving in unknown neighborhoods.  Once device to minimize windshield clutter from too many devices

Additional features?

  • two channels that records both front and back?
  • extended battery to record vandalism after several hours.
  • some want audio with the video? Others don't.  Do you want others your Bloodcurdling screams if that's your final words?