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Auto headlights and Viper 4105VB

I just had a Viper 4105 installed in my 2005 Lincoln Town Car.  


The auto headlights do not turn off when I lock the car with the Viper.  The factory remote does turn them off.  The only solution is to use manual headlights. 


Is is there a way to pulse the door or add a relay to fix this issue. 

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Re: Auto headlights and Viper 4105VB

Anything is really possible with the right equipment and the installer to take on the task.  A relay is going to be needed along with the installation costs, but honestly its not a very common request.  With Ford, Lincoln, and Mazda, the vehicles have a timer that will tell the Autolights to shut off after a certain amount of time, but with the factory keyfob, it forces this shut down overriding this timer.  Our installers will tag the parking light circuit and after a certain amount of time the lights should shut down. 


Personally I would call this shop that did the original installation and ask them about the request and also the installation costs associated with this feature.  the relay portion is only $12.99, I hope you get this taken care of to your likings.  Best of luck!

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