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2016 GMC Sierra

i was wanting to get 2 10 inch subs or 2 12s.. i would also need an amp and LOC and everything else.. i can get the box for the subs but i wanted to get a price estimate on a nice pair of subs and an amp for them, and a price to have everything installed
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Re: 2016 GMC Sierra

Welcome masondalesmith-


Thank you taking time out of your day to reach out to us here at the Best Buy Forums about your subwoofer inquiry.  I won't be able to help you nearly as far as you were wanting, but I will be able to provide you with some insight which can be used to better piece together your build. 


Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide you with options for your subwoofers, as the specifications of the box will determine the size and depth restrictions for your subwoofers. The amplifier will be determined once we are able to find out which subwoofers are going to fit into the box, and their RMS ratings.  We then need to find out the power of the amplifier to get the proper amp kit; gauge of wire is very important to match it correctly to allow adequate flow of current. 


I can provide you with the costs of installation, which I will provide below with estimated costs.  The below costs are ranges of what our products and services could cost you, on top of the products prices. 


Materials fee $5.00

**Line output convertor $14.99

**Line output convertor install $24.99

**(Only requiredi for a factory radio, or the one that came with the vehicle from the manufacturer, and not an aftermarket radio)

Amp install $99.99

Subwoofer install (single) $19.99 or (dual) $24.99

Amp kits $79.99 (8AWG)-$149.99 (4AWG)


I realize I have a lot of varying ranges, but I would recommend calling to speak with your local Geek Squad Autotech for more accurate quotes. They will also be able to provide you with information on any great deals being offered which could save you money when you have us do the installation!  I would recommend browsing around the Car, Marine, and GPS thread, for similar questions to yours and gather some product ideas. 


Best of luck!



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